Anderlyn Desk

- Bill Anderson

"Working with Ocean Plastic Products for the past eight years has been great. I always feel we have a good collaborative effort going on. The Anderlyn Standup Desk Ocean Plastic Products produces for us is perfect and complies with all our specifications.
OPP has provided efficient shipping service for us, sending our standup desk to every state in the Union and on up to Canada, with perfect follow through on tracking information and paper work. Customer feedback and satisfaction has been excellent, with many repeat orders.
We can’t say enough good things about Ocean Plastic Products and the service they provide"

Heitzman Studios

-Roger Heitzman

"OPP has provided me with CNC routing service on a number of occasions.  This work has included plywood cutouts for flush-cutting router templates and veneer substrates for projects such as my bed sets and plastic pedestal components for my wind sculptures.
I have been quite happy with their customer service and with their execution.  Their expertise with their software helped me optimize the use of my material and reduce the spindle time which saved me money.   Their machine cut out my parts quickly with excellent edge quality.
I am very happy with their work and will continue to bring all of my CNC routing work to them!"

Logos Systems

-Brett Nelson

"The service we have received from Ocean Plastic Products has gone far beyond routine fabrication or machining.  Their creative collaboration, high quality workmanship, quick turnaround, and fair pricing add up to an exceptional value."


-Kristin Ard

"We recently lost our source for memorial bench engraving and I was tasked, as the Director of our Department, to locate a new vendor.  After searching the web for other local sources, I was left with no other alternative than to send the business over to San Jose.  That is until we were introduced to Ocean Plastic Products.
OPP looked at our requirements and quickly provided use with samples of various fonts and engraving styles.  We were thrilled to learn about all of their capabilities – including the ability to engrave 3D graphics – which was something that our previous supplier could not do.
I can’t say enough about OPP’s customer service and expertise and I am spreading the word to all of the other Parks and Rec departments in the county!"

Biometics Equipment Manufacturer

"I found Ocean Plastics on the web and after working with them, it’s a now permanent bookmark.  OPP is not just a vendor...they turned out to be a tremendous partner in helping me figure out the best way to create my parts and fabricate them.  
Within a day of discussing my prototype project, they came up with multiple ways to get the results I was looking for.  They then went to work trying out the possibilities and quickly showed me the samples while providing the tradeoffs of each approach.
My parts required a secondary operation.  OPP has a great network of people and immediately got me in touch with other vendors in the area saving me a great deal of time and energy.  
The final parts looked great, even with my constant changes.  Much of that was thanks to OPP’s attention to detail where they caught several self-induced errors.  With Ocean Plastics it is not about just making the part, it is about helping you make the best possible part, all with an eye on cost effectiveness."


Solar Process Equipment Manufacturer

"After several years of overpriced and long lead plastic sourcing I was able to find Ocean Plastic Products. For several years now I have been able to confidently send them an order and have complete faith my parts will be delivered on-time, defect free and priced to meet or exceed my standards. The ease in which it is to communicate with OPP is hands down one of the best situations I can ask for."


Solar Panel Manufacturer

"We first approached Ocean Plastic Products to help us with a mechanical fixture for one of our manufacturing processes.  The fixture required large panels of clear acrylic machined to our specifications.  Our schedule was very aggressive and OPP, knowing this, delivered the first prototypes even sooner than we had requested.
We soon realized that our design needed to be modified such that their panels needed aluminum extrusion weldments added in order to keep the panels sufficiently flat.  OPP quickly sourced the welding and delivered new prototypes to us two days later.
OPP has since fabricated several different parts for our production lines as well as modified hundreds of our wafer carriers.  We rely on them to help us recommend materials and fabrication techniques for our parts so that they will perform to the very high levels our plant demands.
We are very happy with Ocean Plastic Products’ service and will continue to work with them in the future."