Order Fulfillment is a service we have been providing to our customers for a few years now. This service allows our customers to focus on product and business development while we manufacture and ship their products directly to their end customer. 

Our Customers will often take advantage of our order fulfillment program because it allows them to determine which enterprise tasks they want to perform in-house and which tasks will be performed by us.  The steps that lead to a successful Fulfillment project include:

1. Negotiation of the project's scope with our Customer

  • Our sales price for the product
  • Our guaranteed response time to an order
  • Our guaranteed on-hand quantity for their product
  • Means of product delivery

2. Execution of our own internal project release by completing tasks such as:

  • Specifying all of the product's materials
  • Determining their sources and availability
  • Entering a Bill of Materials into our MRP system
  • Ordering all of the material - in many cases, with scheduled deliveries to properly match up with our Customer's forecast
  • Receiving, inspecting, storing and kitting the material for production
  • Manufacturing and Inspecting the final product
  • Partially or completely packaging the material in preparation for shipment to our Customer’s customer.

Our Customer receive their orders from their customer in a variety of ways including internally generated sales, website sales and online sales through retailers such as Amazon.

Our Customer will then send us their Purchase Order or Product Release Order for processing.

We then prepare the product for shipping, complete the necessary shipping documentation, arrange for the carrier to pick up the product and then notify our Customer when the product has shipped and when it has been received by their customer.

We maintained detailed shipping logs that include tacking numbers, ship dates, delivery dates and order quantities.  These logs are regularly reported to the customer along with a balance of product remaining on their Fulfillment order to us.

Learn more about how we have helped our Customers deliver products to their customers without ever touching them .