We provided CNC Routing Service to a variety of customers.  Our CNC router is manufactured by a renowned leader in the industry.  Its 120" x 60" table allows us to cut, carve and/or engrave virtually any project that our customers bring to us.  It is a workhorse that is used most every day to support our fabrication business and it is also available for customer-specific routing services including:

  • Custom shapes for Sign Makers
  • 2D and 3D Engraving for Furniture makers, Cabinet Makers and Artists
  • 3D Wall and Ceiling Coverings
  • Forms for 3D concrete pours
  • Park Bench and Sign engraving
  • Pattern Routing Templates for Furniture Makers

Customers routinely schedule Spindle Time for us to process their sheet material based on their CAD files or their drawings which we then enter into our CAD and toolpathing software.

Plastic, solid wood, engineered wood, composite material and many non-ferrous metals can be accurately routed on our machine.