Anderlyn Desk

Customer approached us with a vision to deign and manufacture a low-cost standing desk. Disappointed with vendor in Morgan Hill who made the first prototypes.  Couldn't get the center box pins to line up.  Using solid ABS material.  Too heavy.  Used 3/16" material to make them light.  Then they were too flimsy.

Frank suggested the use of celtic. Got the pins to line up.   Redesigned product for better adjustment resolution (4 instead of 2 positions).  Began the order fulfillment.

  • Worked with customer to develop product spec
  • Designed entire product
  • Frabricated prototypes
  • Refined product design for production
  • Launched first production run
  • Complete Order fulfillment
  • customer send us orders from his customers.
  • We package product for shipment using shipping materials designed by us
  • We ship product directly to end customer

Anderlyn Desk:

"Working with Ocean Plastic Products for the past eight years has been great. I always feel we have a good collaborative effort going on. The Anderlyn Standup Desk Ocean Plastic Products produces for us is perfect and complies with all our specifications. OPP has provided efficient shipping service for us, sending our standup desk to every state in the Union and on up to Canada, with perfect follow through on tracking information and paper work. Customer feedback and satisfaction has been excellent, with many repeat orders. We can’t say enough good things about Ocean Plastic Products and the service they provide. "

Biometrics Company

The customer approached us with the need for a custom bezel for their hand-scanning time tracking system

  • We helped with material selection
  • We helped with the industrial design their capacitance sensing touch keypad
  • Ran a variety of prototype designs to assist with second-operation back-side printing of keypad graphics
  • Worked with customer to select the best second-operation vendor
  • Currently in planning stages for first production run

Biometrics Company:

"I found Ocean Plastics on the web and after working with them, its a now permanent bookmark.  Bill Turner, the owner, is not just a vendor...he turned out to be a tremendous partner in helping me figure out the best way to create my parts and fabricate them.
Within a day of discussing my prototype project, he came up with multiple ways to get the results I was looking for.  Bill then went to work trying out the possibilities and quickly showed me the samples while providing the trade offs of each approach.

My parts required a secondary operation.  Bill has a great network of people and immediately got me in touch with other vendors in the area saving me lots of time and energy.  

The final parts looked great, even with my constant changes.  Much of that was thanks to Bill's attention to detail where he caught several self induced errors.  With Ocean Plastics its not about just making the part, its about helping you make the best possible part, all with an eye on cost effectiveness."

Logos Systems


Logos Systems develops and manufactures products 2D and 3D metrology equipment for the Proton and X-Ray imaging industries.

Brett Nelson of Logos Systems approached us with the opportunity to design the enclosure system for their new Model XRV-4000 camera.  The scope of the project include scaling up many of the features of their Model XRV-2000 camera as well as implementing new features that were required of the new system.

Our first task was to model the basic enclosure system into a 3D CAD environment.  We accomplished this task quickly and moved onto developing prototypes for new methods of supporting the system’s Index Positioning Disk components.  Previous systems featured the Positioning Disks resting in slots cut into the Base Plate.  This approach functioned adequately for their smaller cameras but proved to be unstable for the large XRV-4000 camera.

The final solution for the new camera system incorporated small nylon spacers and stainless steel dowel pins working together to act as roller bearings supporting the Positioning Disks.  This new bearing system was designed into the base such that the camera’s center of gravity could be lowered and thus, adding even more stability to the system.

Logos Systems was very pleased with the performance of their new enclosure system.  The solution was simple and cost effective.

OPP provides complete enclosure systems to Logo Systems.   


Steve Clabuesch - UCSC:
"Our relationship with Ocean Plastic Products began around 1996 when we were looking for a better way to secure our data sheets underwater. The standard clipboard with rubber bands did not hold data sheets securely and had a life span of maybe a dozen dives. With the help of OPP we developed a robust underwater slate that could hold multiple data sheets securely and that could be used over and over again without failure. Over the past 20 years OP has helped us modify these slates for different uses and helped us solve other data collection and training challenges. If you can dream it up, they can build it!"